As some of you might have seen Alfresco team have published a roadmap for the year 2010. I must say I’m very pleased with the latest community version 3.2r2 (actually, couple more SVN releases than the official 17458 but lets not be picky). In my opinion, it is finally what was 3.0 “Stable” supposed to be and I’m not counting the DoD module here but the overall stability of the product.

My wishes for community edition in 2010:

  • content store selector available in enterprise edition only
  • better support for Windows 7
  • fine-tuning of UI controls in Share as some are really not available where they should be, hint: Edit Online on document details page
  • content modeling in GUI not just in XMLs
  • ability to chain SSO authentication with something non-SSO e.g. NTLM SSO + ldap if it is even technically possible
  • faster merging of bug-fixes from enterprise branch
  • better support from Alfresco team in forums though I must say they’ve been very helpful in last 6-9 months
  • publishing critical patches for last stable community release and not just telling people to “it’s in HEAD”
  • abandon policy to have certain functionality in enterprise edition only as legally possible

+ of course, everything they have in their published roadmap šŸ˜‰