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Month: June 2010

Alfresco 3.3g installation on CentOS 5.5 64-bit Linux server

The following guide will show you how to install a CentOS 5.5 64-bit Linux server based Alfresco ECM server. CentOS Linux distribution is amongst the most popular ones for its well known binary compatibility with major commercial Linux distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is pretty much same as RHEL only without Red Hat’s vendor branding and artwork. Major reasons why you want to use CentOS over some other free Linux distributions is its stability and what’s most important hardware compatibility. Big hardware vendors like HP, Dell, or IBM tend to release Linux drivers for specific distributions only so choosing a distribution that is fully compatible with the USA-based and leading Linux vendor Red Hat is likely a smart move.

Now, important point to say is that Alfresco loves 64-bits so you want to install it on 64-bit hardware, operating system and use 64-bit Java Virtual Machine. While it certainly can work on 32-bit systems for production use I recommend that you use 64-bit system. Lets begin with Alfresco prerequisites.
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Alfresco 3.3g integration with Active Directory and Google Docs

My last article on Alfresco integration with Active Directory brought up a lot of interest and what’s the most important positive feedback. That article is based on Alfresco Community version 3.2r2 so if you are using that version please continue reading that article.

This article will cover the latest community release 3.3g. On one hand I’m going to leave out most of the explanations that you can find in the original article and I’ll focus on getting things done in a focused article. You can also refer to the chapter 6 of the Professional Alfresco: Practical Solutions for Enterprise Content Management (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) [] book or to the chapter 4 of the Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation [] book.

Still, plan is to provide newcomers clear guides what has to be changed or to be more precise what is domain specific so I’ll make sure to insert “(domain specific property)” in code comments. Also, since version 3.3g supports document editing via Google Docs I’ll cover configuration of Google Docs integration as well. Again, I’ll repeat myself, for detailed explanation how stuff works refer to the original article as concept is the same. So let’s begin…
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Cutting infrastructure costs using Google Apps

Messaging infrastructure is the core component of almost all IT systems at various companies. E-mail communications are today so prevalent that often users and managers consider it as common sense that e-mail is always and everywhere available to them.

Due to legacy software or often incomplete or even, one could say, close-minded way of thinking about email many companies are stuck with inferior e-mail solutions be it open source or proprietary. Most importantly, those solutions in most cases cost a lot and they often have hidden costs that you take for granted but when you add them up you can come up to a number that can blow your head off. Continue reading

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